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Chengdu's Jiuyan Bridge becomes a landmark

2021-07-17 16:38:57 Click:

In our impression, such things as landmarks should be that kind of giants, such as a certain building or a certain check-in point. So, have you thought of it? One day, a bridge can also become an internet celebrity landmark.


This bridge is the Jiuyan Bridge in Chengdu. It is located in Jinjiang District, Chengdu. The ancient name was Hongji Bridge, also known as Zhenjiang Bridge. It was built in the 21st year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty and later in the Qing Dynasty. It was repaired by Governor Li Shijie for three years, and then renamed Jiuyan Bridge.


The length of the bridge is 120 meters and the width is 25 meters. Under the bridge is for cars to pass. Therefore, a semi-overpass type cross bridge was formed. However, the ancient Jiuyan Bridge was removed in the winter of 1992. This bridge, which has nine holes in total, is now the largest stone arch bridge on the Jinjiang River. When describing the stone arch bridge, the ancients often used the term "Changhong Lying Wave", but the Nine Eyes Bridge was the opposite. Walking along the road, it looks like a bow from the outside, so the landscape here is also very beautiful.

Although this is a bridge, there are some beautiful legends here. Tieguai Li, one of the Eight Immortals, rose to the sky here, because there is a special stone slab at the north end with a pit in the shape of a human foot. Stepping on it happened to be the footprint of a person. Moreover, Tieguai Li was a lame man, so he could only use one foot when he ascended to the sky, which created this legend. Sometimes, he walked on this bridge. At that time, there will be people who will use their feet to test and measure, and then tell this piece of history to people who don't know.

Nowadays, the Jiuyan Bridge has become a popular check-in point in the minds of many people, especially at night, the night scene is still relatively beautiful, the bridge deck is still paved with bluestone blocks, so the top It also retains the architectural style of the Ming Dynasty.


In fact, it is famous here because of its functionality, because it has become

One of Chengdu’s bar gathering places has also become a symbol of Chengdu’s nightlife. There are hundreds of bars on the street, and most of them are open-air seats. At night, it’s very beautiful. If we If you like, you can find a cozy little shop, drink a little wine in it, and look at the scenery outside. This kind of life is very comfortable and comfortable, and its tickets are free, so people come and go. Have you ever visited here?

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