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The beautiful Chengdu Huaizhou Airport

2021-07-17 16:33:13 Click:

"Extremely Beautiful Chengdu-TOP100 Image Exhibition of Park City's Most Beautiful Landmark" comprehensively presents the construction results of the park city demonstration area, and records the highly harmonious and unified Chengdu of the "human city environment industry". The Chengdu Huaizhou Airport introduced today is exactly the The display of the achievements in the construction of the industrial ecosystem is also an important sign that the general aviation industry in Huaizhou New Town, Jintang County has entered the fast lane.


▲Chengdu (Jintang) General Airport Photographed by Wang Jin

On June 11, 2021, the certification and inaugural ceremony of Chengdu Huaizhou Airport was grandly held in Huaizhou New City, Chengdu. At the ceremony, the Sichuan Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau of Civil Aviation of China issued a general airport use license to Chengdu General Airport Operation Management Co., Ltd., and outfield aircraft officially took off at Chengdu Huaizhou Airport for the first time, marking the official opening of Chengdu Huaizhou Airport.

Take off, Jintang! A photo of Chengdu Huaizhou Airport taken by photographer Wang Jin was shortlisted for the "Extremely Beautiful Chengdu-TOP100 Video Exhibition of the Most Beautiful Landmark in Park City". Chengdu Huaizhou Airport is the first A1 general airport approved by the Western Theater Air Force, the Civil Aviation Southwest Regional Administration, and the Sichuan Provincial People's Government in Chengdu. Through the photos, we can see that under the blue sky, the terminal building of Chengdu Huaizhou Airport is shining brightly.

It is reported that the total investment of the Chengdu Huaizhou Airport project is about 790 million yuan. The airport's construction began in July 2018. In September 2019, the Huaizhou Airport airspace was included in the pilot scope of Sichuan Province's low-altitude airspace reform. This field, shared airspace, and coordinated airspace Expanded to 1,456 square kilometers, opened low-altitude flight passages from Jintang to Zigong, Leshan, Pengshan, and Luodai.

At the same time, Chengdu Huaizhou Airport is currently the country with the highest construction standards (planned according to 4C airport standards), the most beautiful ecological environment (backed by Longquan Mountain, close to Tuojiang water, and integrated into the park city), and the best location conditions (relying on Chengdu, with large radiation Southwest), the most complete supporting facilities (aviation exhibition center, general aviation business center, aviation operation base, general aviation maintenance area, etc.), the most comprehensive aviation function (amphibious, with a main runway that can be expanded to 2400×45 meters, 800×25 meters There are 3 runways with low-altitude tourist runways and 1600×90 meters water runways).

"The airport's operation mode is a three-level linkage of provinces, cities, and counties. It is jointly operated and managed by Sichuan Airlines Group, Chengdu Transportation Investment Group, and Huaizhou New City Investment Group. At present, it has successfully introduced State Grid General Aviation, Chengdu Shanhe, Pan American Education, and Huofeng General Aviation. , Xihua General Aviation and other leading enterprises in the industry.” The relevant person in charge of Jintang County introduced.

At present, the general aviation industry area has established a "3+2" industrial system supported by the three major "general aviation operations, general aviation cultural tourism, and general aviation manufacturing" with a global perspective and international standards, and two major supports of "flight service guarantee and general aviation modern service". It will focus on building a general aviation hub in the western region, an aviation support base for the National Southwest Regional Emergency Rescue Center, a Sichuan Aviation Emergency Rescue Center base, a national general aviation industry comprehensive demonstration park, and an international aviation cultural exhibition center.

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